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It's hard sometimes to keep up with the pace of change in online marketing. What works? What is wasting my time? Where should I focus on to build direct business?

The answers to these questions and more form the basis of all the work we do with any client whether current or new. We need to understand what you are currently doing to help us build a resilient online strategy for the business.

So whether you we are building a new website, developing your relationships or looking to maximise your online bookings we always start with research of your current online activities and mapping out the key priority areas before we do anything.

Our online healthcheck audits your current levels of activity and analyses your priorities. The report produced makes recommendations on your site design and content, your third party distribution channels and external relationships; it reviews your social media presence, search engine effectiveness and your online reservations strategy and makes specfic recommendations to give your team a clearer understanding of the direction of travel required.

The process will take less than ten minutes from start to finish and we will then produce a detailed report and action plan.

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