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You can have the most beautiful site in the world with more site traffic than you ever imagined but if you don't have a planned conversion strategy your bottom line could be leaking away like a sieve.

Conversion and in particular DIRECT conversion - is one of the most challenging areas facing accommodation providers, golf courses, destinations and even restaurants.

With the consumer love-in of flash sale sites, and the market dominance of the giant Online Travel Agents, there is an almost continual downward pressure on rates and margins and that cannot be good for the long term viability of any business model. 

Tourism and hospitality businesses need to develop a twin track approach to improve the balance between direct and indirect conversion.

Open Rooms XV will assist your team in understanding how to ensure your direct online conversions can be increased through implementation of simple processes and procedures to build customer loyalty and reduce the cost of your sales.

Get more from your booking engine with focused mobile strategies, manage a sensible OTA Distribution plan, build targeted and cost effective Pay Per Click campaigns and use your relationship strategy to encourage your customers to come DIRECT.

It's your business. Isn't it time to take it back?

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