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Castle Stuart Golf Club

2010 - 2013

"Can you develop a website before we haed out for next month's golf show?" Sometimes briefs are like that!

We had four golf courses - Nairn and Nairn Dunbar, Royal, Dornoch and Castle Stuart - and four luxury accommodation providers to satisfy. Colours, style and logo were all built from scratch in a two week period. The relatively simple logo however has lasted and is still featured on all new promotional materials. The "coat of arms" is an homage to a Clan Stuart Targe and the font was intended to convey class and a little formality.

The Result:

The corporate ID is still being used in the third round of design of website and print. At the time we developed not only the website but a range of print and exhibition materials for both B2B and B2C.

The brochure (and original website) used a leather background feel to it and still stands the test of time as a quality piece of print and we managed all design, copywriting and print in-house.


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