A Short Retrospective

It's only when we actually look at what we've done over nearly two decades that we realise just how much fun this business has been!

We've done everything from managing our own golf events and tour operations business to promoting Top Ten Chart Single releases; from developing golf course websites in the West Highlands of Scotland to multi lingual sites for hotels in Madrid.

Everything we've done in the past twenty years has been linked in one way or another but some of it now looks so random!

In the passing of these years we've seen project and product ideas change increasingly fast and technology impact on everything we do.

However a retrospective is never a bad idea and if bands can repackage their albums then we can reflect on our past production. It's interesting to see how some things have dated and others have a timeless sense about them but what our work over twenty years proves is that we've always been committed to being a little different, that we've had some incredibly diverse clients and projects and that in spite of everything that may have occasionally gone belly up it's been such a wonderfully empowering journey.

Website Design

And how has it changed. Remember sites that required developers charging £400 a page to create? Slow dial up speeds and tiny images? Now we build from our own state of the art Content Management System and every new site has a host of new innovations.

Desktop; Responsive; Adaptive? Websites now need a strategy built around not only the users but the devices but they still need to look and feel good too. And how tastes have changed! Click on the image to have a look at some screengrabs from across the decades!

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