For 2017 we have launched a new website that brings all of our "Claymore" projects and products together and as a result Open Rooms has now been simplified to Claymore Rooms! However the princiapls and ethos remain the smae so for now we'll leave this site up but you amy increasingly find that the links are directing you to the new website below. 

Claymore Rooms (Open Rooms)  is specifically about developing websites and digital strategies for accommodation providers but the same principles apply to all other tourism and hospitality businesses and list links for Destination Management Organisations, golf courses, music and event sites and a link to some SME sites too for information.

They all have our own Content Management Solution - Claymore - as the common power driving them all. Find out more.

2017 Claymore Sites Website

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Build your site

A good website is one that converts.

It needs responsive design, rich updateable content, visual appeal, mobile-user friendliness, flexibility and, adaptability.

Every Open Rooms website - from smallest to the largest - comes with all this as standard.

Integrated Solutions

Visual Design


Content Management

Reduce Friction

Creative Solutions

Responsive Mapping

Content Building

Blog Integration

Relationship Building

E-mail Marketing

Google Business

Develop your relationships

Left alone your online strategy can grind to a halt. Open Rooms will ensure you keep the cogs turning with content that works, effective guest conversations, proactive communications all building a cohesive social media strategy and highly effective guest relationships.

Maximise your conversion

Direct booked guests provide every business with their highest margin and your Open Rooms digital strategy will improve your direct sales conversion with the most effective use of online booking strategies, channel distribution and online advertising

Direct Booking

Channel Management


Pay Per Click

Search Optimisation

Best Book Direct

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